Cloverdale Preschool Academy

About Us

Nestled in the historic Cloverdale district, Cloverdale Preschool Academy is a ministry of Cloverdale Baptist Church that accepts infants as young as 6 weeks and children up to K4. Since 1986, Cloverdale Preschool Academy has been taking care of the children of generations of Montgomery residents.

Contact Us
Ashley Tidwell – Cloverdale Academy Director
608 East Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106

(334) 265-7488

Our Classes:

Baby Rooms

The baby rooms are for babies between six weeks and nine months of age. In these classes, the teachers communicate with the parents daily regarding the child’s naps, meals, and diaper changes. Each child has their own crib for naptime. The children do share bouncy seats, swings, and highchairs, which are sanitized on a regular basis. Teachers in our baby rooms offer lots of love to the children and help them discover the world around them as they grow and learn to crawl. In the baby rooms our teachers work with the children on hand eye coordination and how to entertain themselves through play. The baby rooms offer both a calm, comforting environment for naptime and a stimulating environment for playtime and learning. We play music and have lots of colorful different toys for the children as they begin to crawl and explore. Our main focus in the baby rooms is providing the children with lots of love!